My Mormon Life

My Mormon Life

My Mormon Life is the true story of a boy raised in the Mormon religion and taught to believe that fantastical stories are real.
The boy struggles to reconcile these beliefs with what seems to be the real world.

This struggle is often humorous as the young mind tries to sort out the fantasies of childhood from the fantastical stories taught by his church.

As the story progresses the reader follows the boy through all aspects of the Mormon religion: polygamy, Mormon sacred underwear, humans becoming gods, tithe, the storage of food for the coming end of days--everything that makes Mormonism a distinct religion.

Eventually the humor gives way to the serious problem of racism in the church and, as the boy tries to escape his family life, he ends up incarcerated because of the church's racism.

The final part of the book is a brief history of Joseph Smith and the early days of the church.

This book is an excellent way to learn about the Mormon religion. It is also an exploration of religious brainwashing--a process that is not just Mormon, but sadly very common in our world today. To the author this is a major cause of the problems in the world as the human mind is taught that belief trumps truth.

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