My Mormon Life


"...a fascinating and revealing look at he Mormon religion. A real page turner. I couldn't put it down. Frank and objective perspectives"
           -Glen Rose, Educational Author


   My Mormon Life is a richly detailed view of growing up Mormon through the innocent eyes of a bright little boy attempting to make sense of reason-defying fantasies his religion presents as literal truth. Sanbourne, a skillful and engaging writer, traces his growing disillusionment into his teens as a chronic runaway facing challenging adventures on the lam.
   The final nail in the coffin of his faith comes at age 17 when he discovers its genesis in the chicanery of founder Joseph Smith, a consumate conman...
   ...My Mormon Life is both a touching coming-of-age saga and a fascinating insider veiw of this hermetic religion thrust into national prominence with two Mormon presidential prospects, lending insight into the political implications of apocalyptic faith, whether Mormon or Christian.
   Sanbourne concludes, "It explains how people could not care about the environment of the world they live in, because this world was a disposable planet, here only for the purpose of testing people to see which place they would go after death: the real world was the afterlife, and besides, God was going to destroy this entire world in the apocalypse..."

         -Anne Steinhardt, Writer, Musician.
           Anne Steinhardt is a Bestselling
           Author and recipeint of the 
           Jackson-Phelan Literary Award.
           She has taught Writing and 
           Literature at UCSC and served
           on the faculty of the Foothill 
           Writer's Conference.
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